Wismec Preva DNA Kit

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Wismec Preva DNA Kit Wismec have teamed up with vape chipset kings EVOLV to give the PREVA DNA the lastest and greatest chipset..

Wismec Preva DNA Kit

Wismec have teamed up with vape chipset kings EVOLV to give the PREVA DNA the lastest and greatest chipset technology. After the Lost Vape Orion Plus kit was recently introduced it reminded vapers worldwide how good the EVOLV chipset is. The ultimate in customizable vaping in a portable pod vape. Now vapers can get fully customized vaping experience in a small, compact and hardwearing pod system.

A similar form factor the Orion Plus the Wismec PREVA DNA is another pod system with a top filling pod. However the Wismec PREVA is slighly wider and heaviler, due to the 1050mAh integrated battery. Slide back the top cap and reveal the fill slot which features a silicone membrane. This helps prevent leaks and provides a much cleaner refilling process. Wismec Preva Pods, like the Orion Plus Kit, are 2mL but unfortunately they don't feature replaceable coils.

With the Preva DNA you'll need a new pod when performance drops. While some vapers prefer this, we believe pod systems with replaceable coils are the future. The pods feature an adjustable airflow featured on the drip tip. A universal 510 driptip means you can switch out the supplied tips for something different if thats what you want to do.

There are two different pods to choose from, a preinstalled PREVA SS316 0.25 Ohm Dual Coil is perfect for direct lung vaping. Also included in the kit is a PREVA KTR 0.5 Ohm coil which is recommended for MTL vaping. We found however that even with the 0.5 Ohm coil and a closed airflow slot the draw is very loose for an mtl vape. So if your looking for a restricted vape with a big throat hit you're best off looking elsewhere.

Build quality is excellent on the Wismec PREVA DNA pod system. It has a satisfying weight to it and it feels great to hold in the hand. On the side of the device is the firing key and a menu button which can be used to change power mods, check battery level and initiate replay mode.

As mentioned earlier you can use the EVOLV Escribe software to fully customize your vape. Change the power output for each mode, the LED colors for those modes and the warmth and LED colors for Replay mode. To enter replay mode just hold down the menu button.

Wismec PREVA DNA is a technologically advanced pod system, perfect for vaping veterens looking for an all day pod vape for vaping on the go.

Wismec Preva DNA Kit Spec:

  • 96 x 43 x 18.6mm Dimensions
  • 1050mAh Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • 136g
  • Evolv DNA GO Chip
  • 20W Max Output
  • Advanced Wattage Adjustment
  • Triple Power Outputs: Low (Yellow), Medium (Green), High (Blue)
  • Intuitive LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Single Firing Button
  • 3mL Cartridge Capacity
  • Sliding Top-Fill Design
  • 0.25ohm PREVA DL Pod - Vapor-Focused
  • 0.5ohm PREVA MTL Pod - Flavor-Focused
  • Dynamic Dual Airflow Control - Located Below Drip Tip
  • Protection for: Timeout, Low Voltage, Short Circuit and Low / High Resistance Warning
  • Carbon Fiber Panels
  • MicroUSB Port - 1A Max Current

Wismec Preva DNA Kit Includes:

  • Preva DNA Device
  • x1 Preva SS316 Dual 0.25ohm Cartridge (Pre-installed)
  • x1 Preva KTR 0.5ohm Cartridge
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card


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Battery Included?

Yes - 1050mAh Integrated Battery

Max Power

20 Watts

Tank Capacity

3 ml


96 x 43 x 18.6mm

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